Katy Perry Just Wore the Most ɴɑκеd Bodysuit We’ve Seen All Year

Katy Perry’s style transformation over the past year has been dramatic, to be sure. In an effort to separate herself from her onstage persona, she’s changed just about every aspect of her physical appearance. Gone are the singer’s signature long raven locks, replaced instead by a short blonde pixie. Absent too are the flirty, whipped-cream bɾa creations we’ve grown used to seeing her don, replaced instead by off-duty tracksuits and jaw-dropping head-to-toe onstage *lewks.*

And we DO mean jaw-dropping: Just take a peek at the jumpsuit she showed up to the Glastonbury Festival in this weekend!

Sporting a crystal-covered ɴuᴅᴇ bodysuit emblazoned with a giant eye that left little to the imagination, Perry bared her shape in all its glory for the crowd, which she later dove into for an epic crowd-surfing moment.

It’s not the first time the singer has tried out the Britney-esque look: You might recall the revealing suit she donned to the 2012 #MuchMusic Awards that made headlines when she was forced to use her award (a long black bar) to cover her bits onstage post-performance.

While this new, modern version is far more demure, from far away, it certainly didn’t appear to be: In fact, if we didn’t know better, we’d think Katy was ɴɑκеd sans for a few well-placed crystals.

She didn’t attempt to cover up her bod this time, though, proudly owning her look on Instagram, along with the words, “Went b*lls deep for @Glastofest yesterday.”

Instead, she appeared to be having a ball, also posting an impromptu dance session she shared with a security guard onstage.

Do you, Katy!

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