The Ukrainian ICEYE satellite yields the first results on the battlefield – the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The ICEYE satellite, which was purchased by the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the funds provided by Ukrainians, yields good results on the battlefield.

Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, shared about this.

The Head of the Defense Ministry shared about a working meeting held with volunteer Serhiy Prytula with the participation of the Ministry of Defense and the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine officials.

Among other things, they discussed the practical results of an unprecedented project that was implemented in the summer.

Oleksii Reznikov mentioned that the Defense Forces of Ukraine, primarily the combat brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, have been receiving a stream of data from ICEYE satellites for some time.

ICEYE satellite

Currently, one satellite is fully operational for the needs of our defense, and almost two dozen more are engaged if necessary.

The images are deciphered and processed by the military intelligence specialists of the Ministry of Defense who have undergone appropriate training.

“For obvious reasons, I cannot reveal all the details, but just imagine: during the first two days of the satellite’s operation, more than 60 units of military equipment, which the enemy was trying to disguise in forest strips and behind various obstacles, were detected. It was possible because ICEYE satellites are collecting information using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology. This equipment would be very difficult or impossible to spot by means of optical satellites,” he wrote.

“The coordinates were quickly transmitted to Ukraine’s forces to inflict fire damage on the designated target, in particular, in the area of Khreshchenivka and Ukrayinka, Kherson region, as well as near Novoselivka, Donetsk region,” Reznikov said.

ICEYE satellite

The minister noted that in fact, in just these two days, the enemy lost armored vehicles worth more than the cost of the entire ‘satellite project.’

“Yet the main thing is that it helps save the lives of our soldiers, which are priceless,” Reznikov emphasized.

Ukraine got the opportunity to combine data from partners’ optical satellites and SAR data. This fundamentally increases our ability to detect and inflict damage on the Russian invaders.

According to Reznikov, satellites with SAR technology are becoming especially relevant in the autumn and winter period, when the weather is bad.

The Ukrainian servicemen can determine where and when to receive the necessary data. Currently, the main hostility areas in the south and east are being systematically monitored. Information flows from analysts to combat units very swiftly.

Oleksii Reznikov

“This is a real contribution to strengthening Ukraine’s defense due to technological advantage. After all, the Russian troops do not have such capabilities,” concluded Oleksii Reznikov, Ukrainian Minister of Defense.


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