Ukraine confirms delivery armored vehicles from UK

The Ukrainian Navy has given more details concerning recent deliveries of armored vehicles donated by the British government to support Ukraine’s defenders in the war against Russia.

The Navy confirmed on its Facebook account that Ukrainian Marines have taken delivery of the first batch of Mastiff heavily armoured patrol vehicles.

Ukrainian Marines already training on how to use new protected mobility vehicles.

Photo by Natalia Zadvernyak

According to some reports, like one from The Sun, Britain has agreed to send at least 120 armoured vehicles, 80 of which are the Mastiff, Husky and Wolfhound protected mobility vehicles, which the British army says are designed to be used in “combat, combat support and combat service roles” driving troops behind and up to the frontlines.

Photo by Natalia Zadvernyak

The other 40 vehicles are for combat reconnaissance, including the Spartan, which can carry four soldiers plus a crew of three, Samaritan ambulances, Sultan armoured command vehicles, and Samson armoured recovery vehicles.

Photo by Natalia Zadvernyak

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