Perfect advertisement: Kate without clothes and սnderwear starred on a chair of an Italian brand

An armchair by Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta has gone viral thanks to Kate Moss.

The 48-year-old British top model, who has already appeared on the catwalk in the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, became the hero of the brand’s new advertising campaign.

Shot by Sander Muylart, Moss poses completely ɴսde, but her body is hidden behind a hand-drawn logo chair. In total, 400 such copies were made and now they are available for free sale for 10 thousand pounds sterling.

Founder of health and beauty brand Cosmoss, Kate Moss shows off flawless skin.

Sometimes, however, the beauty draws criticism for her use of Diet Coke, the creative director of the brand of which she is, but first of all, Kate’s day begins with meditation and body treatments.

The publication of the model immediately received many compliments from Kate’s fans:

A real supermodel, gorgeous! My model for life eternal beauty, Never gets old – this is a real, supermodel, Gorgeous, Kate takes care of her beauty and body care, Invigorating beauty, Wow Kate, amazing.

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