15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments in Recent History

We have all experienced embarrassing and uncomfortable moments, some may be unintentional because of clumsiness or, we must be sincere, because someone does not like us and because we can not see it in painting, we gain the animal instinct. Whatever the reason, no one is exempt from living painful and confusing moments, not even celebrities.

This list of 15 uncomfortable moments between celebrities will bring you great memories and make you feel less lonely in the world

1. When Avril Lavigne wanted to enjoy her moment at the MTV awards


After 16 years we still can not explain what happened.

4. Britney does not have time for Miley

Sorry, Miley what?

5. Eminem cannot stand anything

The truth is that I would not have done either.

6. How can I forget the day when Tom Cruise went crazy?

Maybe Scientology took away one or two screws.

7. Drake’s expression to Madonna’s kiss says it all

Well he looked very excited until he remembered that he is the same age as his grandmother.

8. Even Emma Stone makes a bad third

This perfectly describes my love life.

9. Ariana Grande fearing for her life in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

Ariana Grande is almost hit by the wing of a model in a fashion show
Ariana said it was a “great” moment … but her face says the opposite.

10. When you’ve already gotten Nicole Richie and hidden behind the worst high five in history

Wow, what a way to disguise.

11. Nicole Kidman’s husband is a very understanding man


Obviously, the husband is the one who is seeing the kiss from behind.

Husband reacts to Nicole Kidman’s kiss with another man
No, well wow …

12. Katy Perry handing out kisses to the One Direction

Calm down, ma’am, they’re about 20 years younger than you.

13. Kim Kardashian using her bag as a deadly weapon

Some personal defense classes with Kim would suit us very well.

14. Kayne West defends Beyonce’s honor against Taylor

15. Sofia Vergara ignoring her ex

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