After gaining extra kilos, this is how iconic singer and actress Gomez looks in a swimming suit

Selena Gomez’s “imperfect” body in a ʙικιɴι surprised some of her fans

It is, of course, worth mentioning that she still remains among the most desirable, legendary and praiseworthy actresses and singers in the entire world. She never ceases to delight her fans with her unearthly beauty, generosity and kind-heartedness.

In the course of her life, Gomez grew up a very mature personality who possesses a very gentle heart and is always eager to offer her priceless help to the poor and the needy.

What concerns her “imperfect” figure, Gomez learnt how to completely accept her body and not limit herself in anything. Instead of constantly being insecure about her “unideal” body and keeping a strict diet, she fully enjoys the hot summer days and spends a fantastic time accompanied with her friends. In the paparazzi’s recent photos, the extra kilos she has recently gained are clearly seen.

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