This girl has tattooed herself from head to toe: here’s how she looks without them

This girl has tattooed herself from head to toe: here’s how she looks without them
In the UK, one of the most tattooed women is Becky Holt.

The girl considers herself a leader in the number of tattoos on her body. Because it is 95 percent covered with drawings.

Once, Becky thought about how she would look without tattoos. It remained to figure out how to organize it.

Easy-peasy! Becky simply blurred out part of the body and face.

Since the tattooed woman managed to become a star in her homeland, of course, she showed the result of the experiment to her fans.

Although tattoos today are not surprising, when they are stuffed in such quantities, it is impossible not to notice a person.

It is hard to believe that only 5 percent of the skin of the girl is not affected by the drawings.

Tattoo lovers can immediately figure out that such a body required a lot of expenses. And the girl does not hide the fact that it took her about 35 thousand pounds!

Becky does not even know how many drawings there are on her body.

Although Becky has not been officially assigned the status of the most tattooed woman in the UK, she calls herself that. And no one argues with her!

She has the names of her mom and dad. In honor of her beloved grandmother, the girl made a rose on her skin. You can also read quotes from different songs on the body.

Becky loves one movie very much. To such an extent that she devoted part of one leg to this particular film.

Becky shares that she started with relatively modest drawings. She placed them so that the tattoos could be hidden under clothes.

But the appetite grew! As a result, there are even drawings on the face.

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