Todd Consolidating and his spouse Julie have been convicted of financial crimes and face a sentence of up to the jail and fined

Todd Consolidating, and his spouse Julie Intravenous ( iv ) line, have been found guilty of by an Atlanta federal grand people.

According to documents acquired by Meets on June 7, the renowned reality couple reportedly colluded for years to scam banks and hide the money from the IRS.

On all accusations related to their alleged conspiracy, they were found guilty. Todd was found guilty of financial crimes,

conspiracy to deceive The Us, among other charges. They may face up to three years in jail if convicted.

Claire was found guilty of tax avoidance, related offenses, bank fraud, fraudsters conspiracy, and conspiracy to defraud The Us.

Finally, the Chrisleys’ old lawyer, Peter Bianchi, was found guilty of wilfully preparing fraudulent tax statements and conspiring to

mislead the U.s. Todd and Julie’s release terms, according to records acquired by HL, include home confinement and the use of ankle

bands to track their whereabouts, however, the docs say that this will be at the “discretion” of their guidance counselor.

They must also notify their parole officials if they spend more than $1,000.

After two days of deliberations, a consisting of members jury convicted the Atlanta couple guilty; the jurors heard material from May 17 to June 3, making for a long and arduous procedure.

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