What wears Megan Fox when she goes on date and with whom did she go on date this time

She is ready for the season! On Monday evening, June 5, the 35y old comedienne looked stunning in a spiraling beige crop top being out for breakfast with her longtime boyfriend M. Gun, Kelly , at Nobu.

Megan wore baby blue jeans and white sneakers with her sеxу, superb top!

She and MGK (full title C. Baker) looked however in love as they exited the famous celebrities public wifi restaurant!

he Contemporary Sore loser singer decided to embrace his grunge style in a plain white t-shirt (which decided to show off his numerous tattoos), polka dot dark trousers, and massive black oxfords. He embellished with

As they exited the steakhouse, the couple appeared to be in love!

The Nobu time came just a few months after there own friends Kourtney and T. Barker (who is also a prevalent musical companion with MGK) expected to marry in Italy, and Megan and the Tickets To My Collapse singer are here to commemorate!

Megan wore a lacy dark dress with a mini skirt to the party, whereas the her fiancé looked dapper in a shiny cheetah print, black suit!

Her Body star wrote a lovely tip of the hat to hannah new boyfriend after the “my murderous gift ideas” singer shook the mansion. “I’m so glad of you, Baby, for giving one such susceptible and personal achievement.”

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